Server maintenance - Important (Programmé)
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  • Dear Customer,

    It's been over 1 year since we started using the server mentioned below and we have planned to upgrade the server with latest hardware and software to provide you with the best hosting experience.

    During this update, we will completely move all accounts on the current server to a new server.


    • Current Server: (


    The following changes and improvements will be made to your server.


    • The server IP will be changed to
    • Server hostname will be changed to The old hostname will still be usable and correctly pointed to the new server.
    • Upgrade the server disks with super fast NVMe drives.
    • MagicSpam® protection will be enabled. Issues with emails you have been complaining of will be fixed completely.
    • Realtime virus scanning and phishing protection will be enabled.


    The new server has a new IP and you should update your A records to point to the new IP if you're NOT using our nameservers. No action is required if you use our nameservers as below.




    You can check which nameservers you're using with the link here > (You must enter your domain name there to find the nameservers you're currently using)

    The server migration will start on 06/21/2019 09:42 PST.  Your website should not go offline during the transfer if you use our nameservers. If you're not using our nameservers, please use the new IP below to create the A records accordingly.


    • New server IP:


    If you have purchased a dedicated IP, we will send your new dedicated IP information once we complete the maintenance.


    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,

    HosBlast Support

  • Date - 21/06/2019 09:42 - 21/06/2019 12:00
  • Dernière mise à jour - 20/06/2019 10:01