Saturday, December 1, 2012


New Features

RVSiteBuilder V.5 contains all new features to let people build the website easier than before.

New Features

Improved Interface

Build quality websites faster in fewer steps.

Social Network

Adding social media functions is a snap – Like buttons, Like Boxes, Comment Box. You can even browse images from FaceBook.

Template Keyword Searching

Find the perfect template category with keyword search.

Double Sub-menu

Add two levels of sub-menu on navigation.

Head Tag Edit

Simply edit the head of website.

Draft Features

Store working drafts until they are ready to publish.

Image Editor

Resize and rotate images you have uploaded.

Single Page Preview

Work easier with single page previews.

Member Area

Password protected content areas.

Header Font and Image Style

Adjust and add more text and image in header.

Fine-grained Navigation Customization

Customize color, font style, font size, border, mouse over, and etc for navigator.

Font and Link Style

Customize color, font style, font size, mouse over, and etc in whole website.

Content Margin

Leave space between top, body, bottom, left, and right section.

Template Changing

Easy change Template in same category .

Home Page Choosing

Set any page in your website to Home Page.

Page Cloning

Copy a page and its detail to use in another page.

Dialog Making

Create the necessary dialog pop-up.

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